Community Engagement Report

Survey & Background

Gerrards Cross began their Neighbourhood Plan in 2017 with South Bucks District Council designating the neighbourhood plan area as the whole of the Gerrards Cross Parish area on 22nd September of that year. The plan period will run from 2017 to 2036.


A total of 419 people completed the survey, representing 5.22% of the population. It can be seen that the age range of respondents does not fully reflect the age range in the community. This is very usual with a survey of this type and provides useful information to allow the steering group to identify age groups which need targeting in the future.

Key Facts (Census data 2011)Gerrards Cross
Area:1,088 ha
Total Population:8, 017
Population Density:7.37 persons per hectare
Households:3, 081


The steering group have been working since 2016 on creating a vision and objectives that reflect the requirements of Gerrards Cross community. This has involved drop-in events, stalls at local events and pop-up stands in shops etc. From this work, a questionnaire was designed, centred around the objectives identified. The questionnaire was divided into sections according to subject. Respondents were given various topics and aspects of Gerrards Cross and allowed four multiple choice answers.

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